Saturday, February 17, 2007

Meta levels

Recently, in a discussion wth colleagues about models, meta-models, class/instance relations etc, I wanted to use "meta" as descriptive of a direction: "This model is meta this other model"- just like this painting is above the other, this time is later than this other time, this house is to the left of this other house.

The I started wondering: what would the other direction be called?
If X is meta to Y, what is Y to X?
(answer might involve "defines", "generalizes", "exemplifies", "instantiates"....)

On a related note: What do you call a general discussion over meta-levels, when you take one step to the side and see that the relation between level x and level x+1 is the same as between level x-1 and level x?

At 90 degrees to meta, in a sense. (pata? ana? cata? )

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